September 26, 2015

Don’t Settle For Average

Institutional Management Reserved For You

We believe there is no substitute for the experience and knowledge that your financial adviser provides you. The expertise and guidance to which your investment professional has access  are essential to successful wealth management. That’s why the Garrison Institutional Program is reserved for only a select group of highly successful wealth managers and their clients.
Our Institutional Program is a key component of your overall wealth management solution. In addition to monitoring your financial goals, allocating your assets and providing you with support and guidance through market downturns, it’s important that your wealth manager has exclusive access to the institutional management you deserve.

As the mutual fund industry has grown so have the average expenses charged to stock-fund investors. The typical expense ratio for domestic equity funds is now at about 1.4%. International funds have higher expense ratios, averaging around 1.9% annually.
Our institutional program was developed to be an integrated component of your entire wealth management solution. The cost of our institutional program is far less than the average mutual fund expense. You no longer have to settle for average when it comes to the cost of portfolio management.
Your portfolio is managed on an individual basis once enrolled in the Garrison Program. Your money is not just tossed into a macro-model of investments suited for the average investor.  Working along side your investment professional our institutional managers will construct a risk-managed private portfolio that will help you meet your long-term goals and objectives.
In addition, you will have access to our managers through conference calls with you and your adviser, professional commentary and our quarterly market outlook correspondence.  When was the last time you spoke to your mutual fund manager?
Many investments like mutual funds have to pass along capital gains to their shareholders or are invested in model portfolios with no regard for your specific situation. For example, in a mutual fund when a capital gains distribution is made, the fund's value is adjusted downward accordingly. The average investor has no control over the tax consequences on their personal money.  Together with your adviser we will create a unique tax strategy for your portfolio.
At Garrison we strive to provide the highest quality research and portfolio management. Our program is reserved for only a select group of highly successful wealth managers and their clients. As an independent portfolio manager, free from outside influences, we can search the vast universe of investment options to identify those most suitable for individual portfolios. Our research process employs both fundamental analysis and quantitative metrics, augmented by our rigorous qualitative assessment of company management.
With decades of investment experience, our institutional investment team will work along side your investment professional to achieve unique client objectives and structure accounts to meet specific trading and reporting requirements. We are committed to providing a service that is as personal as it is professional.
Our investment philosophy seeks to provide capital appreciation and preservation through a disciplined approach of security selection and portfolio construction which is consistent with long-term wealth building, inflation protection and the realization of client goals.
We maintain a long-term market focus that covers entire market cycles and is generally three to five years in horizon.  We do not attempt to “time” the market and we do not trade excessively.  We conduct our own investment research in-house and our portfolios are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client.
Our research-driven investment process includes both traditional fundamental analysis and quantitative metrics. The firm focuses its efforts on identifying high quality companies whose financial strength and strategic vision provide maximum potential for long-term growth.
We evaluate a company’s prospects for earnings, revenue growth and margin expansion, and its track record for meeting or exceeding expectations. We analyze management’s ability to adapt to shifting market conditions, instill tight internal controls and build shareholder value.  Using quantitative metrics, we assess the security’s performance relative to others in its industry group and to the market as a whole.
Our objective is to purchase high quality investments trading below projected value and hold them until their value is fully realized.   We strive to manage portfolio risk through proper diversification and position limits.
We believe great fortunes are made from owning great companies – the innovators that solve problems, create new markets, and improve our world.  Our approach yields a portfolio diversified globally across sector, style and large, mid, and small capitalization companies. Success requires rigorous research, careful risk management, and the patience to persevere through market cycles.

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