September 25, 2015

Individual Management

Your client portfolios are managed on an individual basis once enrolled in the Garrison Program. Your money is not just tossed into a macro-model of investments suited for the average investor.  Working together, our professional institutional managers will construct a risk-managed private portfolio that will help your clients meet their long-term goals and objectives.
In addition, you will have access to our managers through conference calls with you and your clients, professional commentary and our quarterly market outlook correspondence.  When was the last time you spoke to your mutual fund portfolio manager?
Many investments like mutual funds have to pass along capital gains to their shareholders or are invested in model portfolios with no regard for your client’s specific tax situation. For example, in a mutual fund when a capital gains distribution is made, the fund’s value is adjusted downward accordingly.
The average investor has no control over the tax consequences on their personal money.  Together with you and your client we will create a unique tax strategy for your client’s investment portfolio.

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