September 25, 2015

Investment Process

Our research-driven investment process includes both traditional fundamental analysis and quantitative metrics. We focus our efforts on identifying high quality companies whose financial strength and strategic vision provide maximum potential for long-term growth.
We evaluate a company’s prospects for earnings, revenue growth and margin expansion, and its track record for meeting or exceeding expectations. We analyze management’s ability to adapt to shifting market conditions, instill tight internal controls and build shareholder value. Using quantitative metrics, we assess the security’s potential performance relative to others in its industry group and to the market as a whole.
Our objective is to purchase high quality investments trading below projected value and hold them until their value is fully realized.   We strive to manage portfolio risk through proper diversification and position limits.
We believe great fortunes are made from owning great companies – the innovators that solve problems, create new markets, and improve our world.  Our approach yields a portfolio diversified globally across sector, style and large, mid, and small capitalization companies. Success requires rigorous research, careful risk management, and the patience to persevere through market cycles.

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