September 26, 2015


Do you want to grow your practice? We can help at no additional charge.

  • Do you want to spend your time managing money  or working with clients, gaining their trust and earning more business?
  • Do you have a website unique to your business, your philosophy and your personal style of providing financial services?
  • Are you interested in developing a long-term marketing program unique to you, your clients and your future clients?
  • Can you use help with email and direct marketing? We can provide you with in-depth solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

We do more than just close our door and manage model portfolios, each one like all the others.

How many separate account managers service not only you, but your private clients as well?
We are only a phone call away. For over a decade financial planners have been able to count on us to address their questions and concerns. In addition, we’re available to have team-based conversations with you and your private clients.
We provide you with in-depth, reasoned buy/sell commentary, when necessary, so you are fully briefed and prepared for client meetings or unexpected client calls.
We provide you with customized, detailed portfolio accounting/reporting, which you can access anytime through your individual secured log-in on the GarrisonConnect platform.

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