September 29, 2015

Why A CFA?

Why Select a CFA® Charterholder?

“Successful investors recognize the importance of education and knowledge when it comes to managing financial assets. But while they may spend countless hours learning about markets, securities, and associated risks, investors often overlook the qualifications of the professionals whom they hire to manage their money. If you work with investment advisers, they will have access to the personal details of your finances, so their credentials should matter to you.
There are a number of reputable and applicable credentials that financial professionals in different disciplines may hold, but none is as rigorously focused on investment knowledge as the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation. Understanding the significance of the CFA charter — and what is required of investment professionals in order to hold it — can be useful information when choosing an investment adviser.

The above is taken from “Why Select a CFA…What Every Investor Should Know“, published by the CFA Institute.

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